Astrology by Artis Hinson

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Nature has always provided tools to guide its children.

If you are interested in career opportunities, or relationships our astrological chart readings can help bring clarity to your life, purpose and far-sight that can aid you in steering away from challenges.

The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Psalm 19:1


Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, or loose the cords of Orion? Can you lead forth the Mazzaroth (zodiac) in their season? Or can you guide the Bear with its children? Do you know the ordinances, of the heavens? Can you establish their rule on Earth? Job 38:31-33.


There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differs from another in glory. I Corinthians 15:41

Artis Hinson, is an astrologer with over 40 years experience in guiding humanity toward a wonderful future!

Our charts include:
  • Life purpose and challenge report
  • Relationship compatibility

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 Did you know that all life is cyclic, vibrational and can be defined with words, quality, verbal pictures and exact timing. All cycles, all definition exist within 360 degrees of center.

What you know as a watch with two moving hands, mimic the relative cycles of the Sun and Moon. The Sun pictures your gift to creation while the Moon rules your instinct. Mercury is the vehicle for your thoughts while Venus is the vehicle for expression of beauty.

Mars is the delivery of love and power while Jupiter is the bus that carries your spirituality, higher mind and luck. Where ever Jupiter is in your wheel of life is where luck and abundant growth will take place.

We all have to build something in life and Saturn is your building where you need structure.

 If you truly want to know yourself and pilot your life to your ultimate destination, of love and luck, then I can instruct you in your ability to arrive during your peek power phase.

 Can you truly arrive without a known address. The place is your spoken desire. Only I or a power reader can show you the Universal Address.

 For accuracy your exact birth time and birth place is needed.